Saturday, April 16

Photo A Day - April 16 - Birthday

Lots of photos today to illustrate our day spent celebrating Daddy's birthday...


What Elizabeth made for Daddy... Several pictures and a brown paper bag that she decorated and is his "going out bag". The decorated box is what the following was in -

April 16 - Birthday-Coffee

Yes, it's a mug with a jumper... :) Elizabeth picked it out all by herself... Which was definitely the better option 'cos she initally wanted to buy Phan a woman's checked jacket from Target (????!!!!) and then when we were looking at coffee mugs she was tossing up between this one and a pastel pink one with BFF on it and "best friends forever" written on the inside of it... She picked well in the end... :)


The family (and Chi and Mitch) chipped in together and contributed towards this for Phan's birthday... Bilstein suspension and new wheels/tyres for his car... Apparently they are awesome and an absolute bargain... They arrived yesterday and are getting fitted on Monday... Phan's happy... :)


We went out to the local pub and had steak for lunch... Possibly the fastest steak meal we've ever had, we had ordered it and eaten it in 45 minutes! So we went to our favourite little french cafe afterwards for afternoon tea as well...


And what's a birthday without cake! We made Phan a Nutella Cake today... it doesn't have any flour or any sugar in it... however it does contain an entire 400g jar of nutella! Indulgent? Yes! Delicious? Absolutely! The chocolate icing is oozing off the sides because Elizabeth insisted on helping to spread it... so it's not attractive, but it's made with love! Elizabeth also decided she wanted to decorate the cake with a minimalist scattering of hearts... (She didn't want to put any more than that little sprinkling!)

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