Monday, April 25

Photo A Day - April 25 - Kindy Construction

April 25 - Kindy Construction

I did a massive cull today of the art, craft and constructions that Elizabeth has been bringing home from kindy... it was getting out of control and we need space for the new stuff she's going to making and bringing home next term! I took photos of her constructions and let her pick 2 to keep in her room, took photos of the rest and then tossed them. I did the same with her artwork and collage... kept a few, photographed a few, tossed the rest. It's a big task, 'cos (a) she's been an art and craft machine! (b) I'm a sentimental sap and I love seeing how her artistic ability has developed (c) I'm a hoarder by nature... but realistically, we can't keep everything, or we'd be living under a pile of paper and craft! Plus we've got a few more years of this from both Elizabeth and Catherine!!!!

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