Friday, April 29

Photo A Day - April 29 - Party Planning

April 29 - Party Planning

Well, the plans are starting to come together for Catherine's 1st Birthday which is in 3 weeks time... I've been scouring the net for inspiration and I've found some cute little ideas which I think will make for a lovely girly birthday party for Miss Catherine... :) I love planning kiddie birthday parties... :)

Today, I picked up a couple of these gorgeous vintage-looking cake stands from (of all places) Kmart for a bargain price of $12 each... I'm a sucker for cake stands... I have always, always had a soft spot for them and there's nothing more fun than going to high tea with the girls. I love this cake stand and I can see so many uses for them for morning teas and as a photoshoot prop... :) The little mini bunting was a bit of a test run of a little idea I had and I'm happy with how it turned out so I'm going to be implementing the real thing this week. :)

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