Saturday, April 9

Simple Woman's Daybook - Photo A Day - April 9

So here's my Simple Woman's Daybook entry for today -

Outside my window... It is slightly overcast... there is a gentle cool breeze... it's actually refreshing.
I am thinking... about how hard it's going to be to choose photos from our photoshoot with Sheye... they are all so beautiful.
I am thankful for... Phan being back home from the conference in Perth. How we've missed him and we are all so happy to have him home... esp Elizabeth. She missed him a lot!
From the kitchen... we are having Bun Thang for dinner tonight (it's a vietnamese noodle soup dish with rice vermicelli, chicken, finely sliced egg strips and vietnamese pork loaf)... it's one my favourite soup dishes that Mum used to make for me and I'm pleased to say Elizabeth loves it too.
I am wearing... trackpants and a faded orange tshirt.
I am creating... some beanies for my friend Thao to use in some baby photoshoots she has lined up soon... :)
I am going... to go looking for some afternoon light if the weather holds out...
I am reading... "The Crafty Kid" by Kelly Doust... I got it for Christmas from Vinnie and Ko... I love it... and I need some ideas to entertain Elizabeth next week since school holidays have started for us and she has no kindy for 2 weeks!
I am hoping... to have an afternoon nap.
I am hearing... the theme song music to Giggle and Hoot.
Around the house... I have just used our new Dyson to vacuum our carpets this morning... Our old Dyson is dying and the turbine head stopped working... so we got a new one with a fancy schmancy motorhead... sucks up so much more dirt than the old one... I vacuumed 3 days ago, but you'd think I hadn't vacummed in a month by the amount of dust in the vacuum barrel.
One of my favorite things... I love warm, balmy summer nights... I find them so peaceful and relaxing and the perfect time for contemplation.
A few plans for the rest of the week: a massage for me, catchup with some kindy mums, start planning Catherine's 1st birthday party.

And my photo-a-day entry today is related to the photoshoot we had done.

We got our online gallery of images from our family photoshoot with the amazing Sheye Rosemeyer last night. I absolutely love them and can't stop smiling about how they turned out... To say that there were everything that I wanted would be an understatement... The photos capture our little family perfectly at this moment in time. And now comes the impossible task of deciding which photos I want printed for our photo wall... I'm planning to have an entire wall in our house back in Adelaide featuring photos from the shoot... Just one of the many reasons I'm looking forward to moving back home... :)

April 9 - Decisions

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