Saturday, September 4

Photo A Day September - Day 4 - Sooky Sooky La La

Photo A Day September - Day 4 - Sooky Sooky La La

The big girl was a bit of a grump this afternoon... She's sick... she's tired... and it was all too hard. You know she's out of sorts when you pull out the camera and she lies there and stares at you with those brooding eyes, instead of pulling silly faces. And she lay there motionless instead of yelling out "Can I have a look?" the minute I'd taken a photo and trying to clamber all over me trying to see the viewfinder on the camera...

Nothing that cuddle and half an hour of alone time didn't fix though... she's fine now... :)

Oh and after our terrible day yesterday, last night was *muuuuuuch* better... Catherine decided to ease up a little in the hungry stakes - woke up for a feed at midnight and 4am and was easy to resettle back to bed... and she slept in 'til 9:10am this morning, only stirring for a couple minutes at 6:30am! So we all had a lovely sleep in (I went and had a cuddle in Elizabeth's bed at 6:30am and we ended up sleeping 'til 8am). Obviously yesterday wore all of us out!

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