Friday, September 24

Photo A Day September - Day 24 - In The Big Big Bath

Photo A Day September - Day 24 - In the Big Big Bath

(Excuse the quality of this photo... it's fine on my computer, but flickr has decided to do something weird to it and I can't figure out how to fix it!)

Well, our baby girl has outgrown the baby bathtub... We actually started bathing her in the big bath last Thursday, but this is the first time I've taken photos of her in the big bath... She looked so huge in the baby bathtub, she couldn't fully stretch out in it anymore... But she looks soooo tiny in the big bath! She loves bathtime... just like her sister... she will happily lie in there and chat and talk and smile the whole time and kick and wriggle around a bit too... Her latest obsession is sucking on her hand... so I thought I'd share a couple of extra pics too -

Bath Time II

Bath Time I

And for those not on facebook, more evidence that our baby girl is growing and learning stuff so fast, today she learnt to roll from her front to her back! Check out this video footage (which also features a funny little cameo performance from Elizabeth too):

She actually rolled over 3 times before I grabbed my camera and started video-ing, so I was impressed she managed to do it another 3 times... obviously it's hard work as seen by the yawn at the end of the clip.... LOL... Elizabeth didn't learn to roll over until she was 4.5 months... I think I'm going to have to watch out.. They say the 2nd child picks up things quicker 'cos they copy their sibling and I do think that is definitely the case with these two!

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