Wednesday, September 1

Photo A Day September - Day 1 - Good Morning Spring

Good Morning Spring!

In a slight fit of madness, I challenged a friend of mine (hi Thao!) to do a photo-a-day for the month of September and promised her that I would do it with her to keep her company... I thought while I was at it, I might rope some of my other photography-inclined family and friends into doing the challenge with us and get some of our photography mojo going... So now we have 7 people doing the challenge... Nothing like having other people doing the challenge to remind you and keep the motivation up! (And you better believe it people... I will be prodding and reminding you all!)

So here's my submission for today - Miss Catherine first thing this morning in her cot... She was a super happy chappy... very smiley and still doing that tongue-poking out party trick! Must be the change of seasons that put her in a good mood... the beginning of Spring... the best season of the year... :)

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