Thursday, September 2

Photo A Day September - Day 2 (Part 1) - Time Is Ticking

Photo A Day September - Day 2 - Time Is Ticking

Because I have some family members who like to make my life difficult (that's you Phong!), I will be posting 2 photos today as part of the challenge... It's my birthday today, and Phong challenged me to take a non-birthday related photo for today... so I did... well there is an underlying message in this photo I guess related to my birthday... this photo sums up how I'm feeling today as I turn 32...

(For the photography inclined - this photo taken with my 100mm macro at f2.8 on the side of the bath...).

However I will be back later to post a birthday related pic for today... I know exactly what I'm taking a photo of too and I'm sooo looking forward to it! :)

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