Thursday, September 2

Photo A Day September - Day 2 (Part 2) - Baked With Love


A few weeks ago Elizabeth watched an episode of Elmo's World where a little boy and his dad baked a cake for his mum's birthday... Which led Elizabeth to ask Phan if she could bake a cake with him for me... LOL... too cute, and really quite hilarious, because if you know Phan, while he's great at doing a great many things... cooking and baking is not his forte... (Actually, I'll hedge a guess he's never baked a cake in his life actually... his idea of making a cake involves buying a premade one and then whipping cream and filling the cake with it)... so Phan told Elizabeth that it would be my birthday in a few weeks and they would bake a cake for me then... So since then, every week Elizabeth has been asking when she and Daddy would be baking cake for me...

Today is the day... :) And they made this cake based on the recipe from here. It didn't look anything like the photo because the cream cheese topping sank (but I reckon there's an error in the recipe, because other people had the same trouble judging by the review of the recipe, which I only just read now!)... but regardless it tasted delicious!!! Pretty good for Phan's first effort... although, it was rather hilarious watching him and Elizabeth make it, and I did have to help out with the odd piece of advice here and there... but they made it all by themselves... Elizabeth was very proud of the cake ("It's the best cake I've ever had Mum!") And btw - I'm not actually 3 yeard old, but that's how many candles Elizabeth wanted me to have on my cake... :)

And here are some extra photos of my bakers in action -


I've been oh-so spoilt by Phan once again this year... Phan got me a voucher for 10 massages at my favourite place MummaBubba... They have a lovely little creche there, so it means once a month I'll be able to go and have an hour or so of me time there... I actually went there to have a massage last week while Elizabeth was at kindy and put Catherine in the creche there for an hour... Catherine was fine... slept for half of the time she was there... and I just felt so relaxed and balanced afterwards, it was wonderful!

The other part of my present which I am soooo totally excited about is that Phan has been in touch with Sheye Rosemeyer about organising a family photoshoot for us!!! I had mentioned to Phan a couple of times that I'd love to have our family photos done by her before we move back to Adelaide and I was hoping to organise something next year when Catherine was 1. But with Sheye expecting her own little bundle of joy next year, we're probably going to have to bring that date forward a bit, but we'll sort out the details of that later... but I am soooo excited... Sheye is one of my photography idols and I just really can't wait to meet her and have our photos done by her!

And I'll finish here with a birthday photo of me and my 2 girls -


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Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Clara!!

Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best always.

So excited to hear you are looking into getting photos with Sheye OMG!! Very cool.

I am also loving your recent pics - you are amazing.

God Bless,

Maria. xxxx