Thursday, September 23

Photo A Day September - Day 23 - An Encounter With Rosie The Hedgehog

Photo A Day September - Day 23 - An Encounter With Rosie The Hedgehog

I have a sneaking suspicion that Catherine may already be starting to teethe already... She has started to drooooool a lot... Loves sucking on her hand... tries to put things in her mouth... If she happens to be holding your finger, she's likely to starting trying to eat it! Of course this could all be part of the 4 month milestone stuff she's going through as well, but I think I'm feeling and seeing the start of a bottom tooth coming through... (Phan thinks it's all in my head though... we'll wait and see, I guess)

So today I captured Catherine trying to munch on Rosie the Hedgehog (who previously belonged to Elizabeth...) She wasn't too impressed by the texture of Rosie's nose in her mouth, but she did seem to like to hold and play with Rosie for a while.

Chu Phong also went home this afternoon... It's been a fun few days with him around... Elizabeth has loved harrassing him into blowing bubbles, playing hide and seek, racing games, pretend sitting at the beach and dress-ups in the backyard... I think she's worn him out! Also, would you believe we're sick again... Started with me getting a flu-type thing on Monday night and yesterday Phan and Elizabeth caught it from me too... She had a high fever last night, and mild one today but that didn't slow her down in the least... She obviously wanted to capitalise on her last play session with Chu Phong... I'm seriously over this winter season... It's been a terrible year for us illness-wise... most of the time either me or Elizabeth have got some kind of a bug... Just hoping and praying Catherine can stay well enough so I can take her to go and get her 4 month shots next Tuesday... Bring on summer so we can stop being sick!!!

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