Wednesday, January 6

Something To Make You Hungry...

My sister has challenged me as part of my photo a day to take a "foodie" shot sometime... which is hilarious, because I just processed these food photos the other day... these photos are from the last 3 months and are guaranteed to make you drool... (or at least make Em drool... :))

Chargrilled Quail

Chargrilled Quail - made by moi when we Ko and Vinnie around for dinner pre-Christmas

Salt & Pepper Prawns

Salt & Pepper Prawns - made by Vinnie based on Luke Nguyen's recipe from "Luke Nguyen's Vietnam" TV show on SBS... this for the same dinner that the quail was served

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Vietnamese Chicken Vermicelli Salad - made by Ko, again recipe from Luke Nguyen and same dinner.

Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon - (sorry I don't know the translation for this, but it's steamed rice paper rolls wrapped in pork mince and wood ear mushroom)... my first attempt at making them ever... time consuming, but so worth it... *YUM*

Vietnamese Cold Rolls

Vietnamese Cold Rolls - These were chicken ones I made for Phan's work Christmas party... they were the first to go! I've also discovered I can roll 20 in 30-40 minutes...

Are you drooling yet? :)


Emily said...

YUMMMMMMMM!!!!! Definitely drool worthy. Awesome photos! The quail looks soooo yummy and the banh cuon looks really good too...*runs off to find something to mop up the drool* lol

Bec said...

Yummmmmm!!!! They all look amazing! Definitely drooling... Mmmmm....

Leesa said...

Oh they look delicious! I think you have inspired me to try the S&P prawns - now to go and find the receipe!