Friday, January 29

Photo A Day - Day 29 - After The Rain

Woo hoo... only 2 days of photo-a-day to go! I'm getting a bit over the photo a day... I think because we had another long day at kindy daycare today and I'm tired and totally lacking inspiration. Today kindy went down as well as it did yesterday... Beth did some craft, played dress-ups and some puzzles and she did her very first show-and-tell... She brought her "Flower Bear", a bear we got for Daffodil Day a few years ago... and there was a lot more showing than there was telling since she's still learning and ropes and is still quite shy... but for her first time, I was rather proud of her... I thought it was just amazing that she got up in front of all the other kids (10 kids today) without me having to prompt her... she was excited to stand up there, but just got shy on the talking part... baby-steps... but I think she's doing really well. We stayed for nap at her insistence (trust me, I would have been more than happy to leave before the nap if she had wanted to!) But she was excited about lying down on her own bed with the other children... After nap time, she had afternoon tea there (and was sitting at the table and talking and laughing with the other children) and I had planned for us to leave, but it started bucketing down with rain!!! (and I mean really bucketing!) Elizabeth still wanted to stay and play anyway, so I thought we'd wait until the rain subsided a little... Half an hour later, the rain stopped a little, but she had just started playing and interacting with some of the other little girls, so I relented and we stayed a bit longer... We had one small hiccup when she got overwhelmed when there was a group of 4 kids suddenly surrounding her as they were playing some pretend game... I think they were making her lie down and pretend to be a baby and she didn't want to or something... but a few tears and hug from the carer and a big cuddle from me and she was fine and back playing with the other kids again... Finally convinced her to leave and said we would come back again next week and as we were leaving one little girl even said to Elizabeth "You're my friend" and gave her a hug... it's so nice to see her starting to interact with the children ...
So we didn't get home until after 3:30pm! An hour later than yesterday!

So once again I'm quite tired from my very long day at kindy... and I just wanted to get my photo-a-day out of the way, so with fading light, I wandered outside to see if I could capture any natural raindrops... (I confess now, my previous photo of the dewdrop on a leaf was completely staged and I purposely dropped waterdrops on a plant which I placed in my bathroom to get the best light... :p) I think I did alright to capture some natural raindrops clinging to these leaves...

Day 29 - After The Rain

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