Sunday, January 24

Photo A Day - Day 24 - Simplicity | Complexity

Day 24 - Simplicity | Complexity

My sister sent me an email poking me to take some more macro shots, so I went for a walk by myself this morning to search for some subjects to macro-fy (I just made that word up... :)) I managed to find quite a few in the half hour that I was out and about (which I may share later)... but this is my favourite shot... it's simplicity and complexity captured in the one shot and it's what I love about macro photography... I really need to take more macro shots.... And for those that are interested, you should pop over to my sister's blog to check out her photo today which is a different take on the same subject... Funny how we can take a photo of the same object though we live 1000s of kilometres apart... :)


Maria said...

Love it Clara! Just curious, did you use any of Sheye's actions for this?

Clara said...

Hi Maria! Thanks! :)

And I did use a couple of Eye Candy Actions - I think all I did was warm this up very slightly with "Dandelion" at about 10% (I think!) and then use "Clarify" at about 80%.

Hope that satisfied your curiosity! :)