Friday, January 22

Photo A Day - Day 22 - 20 weeks + 1 day

I been rather preoccupied and excited by having my 20 week ultrasound today... so I've kind of cheated today and taken photos of my ultrasound photos... I'm saying it still counts though, because I took photos of the photos (and that in itself is not that easy at night with flash without getting glare coming off the photos!).

Anyway, I found it exciting and wanted to share... :) ... Our little baby (gender remains unknown, we want it to be a surprise) was an active little thing and moving all over the place (thus the two different side profiles in the photo, it completely changed sides and did all kinds of funny things like playing with his/her belly button and feet and lying on his/her hands and making it hard for the ultrasonagraphers to get a good shot (there were 3 of them, 1 technician, 1 in training and one senior person called in at the end) and then kicking me when it was being probed too much... we got there in the end... it's funny, but I don't remember Elizabeth's ultrasound taking that long (it took an hour), but maybe I've just forgotten... And we got a glimpse of the baby's tongue (yeah, a bit weird!) and really good view of the feet and toes and the baby's hand curled up in a fist. We also saw there was food in the baby's stomach (which I thought was pretty cool!). Going by my original dates, I am 20 weeks + 1 day, but by measurements today (and from the last ultrasound in my obstetrician's rooms), I'm dating a week ahead now at 21 weeks + 1 day... so the baby is growing well... we'll just have to wait and see what happens... I have a feeling this baby is going to be early like his/her sister.

Elizabeth was really well behaved during the whole session (which considering how long it took was quite impressive)... She was interested for the first bit... but when they had to do all the nitty gritty shots (and this was the point even I had no idea what we were looking at), she got a bit bored, but was entertained greatly by games on Phan's iphone! She was even singing songs, which my ultrasonagraphers thought was so cute! At the end of the session, they were so nice and gave her some koala stickers as a reward for being so good which she thought was pretty cool!

Day 22 - 20 weeks + 1 day

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