Tuesday, January 12

Photo A Day - Day 12 - Owwwwwww....

Day 12 - Owwwwwww

Last week I bought Beth some new crocs (well imitation ones from Target).... they are bright pink and have a "tickly octopus" on them and she totally adores them... However, this morning we went to the park and caught up with Gina, Debbie & their boys and after 2.5 hours of manically running around the park, playing with foam rockets, climbing playground equipment, going down slides, running after balls and searching for mangoes at a mango tree, poor Beth developed blisters on the inner part of both feet... Then once we got home, she managed to pop the blister on the left foot (the blister on the right foot is not too bad) and there were some major tears... Poor girl has been hobbling around the house for the rest of the day, walking even more pigeon-toed than she normally does... She is being a trooper for the most part though ... I'm feeling her pain... blisters really aren't any fun... :( I'm going to have to get her a new pair of crocs ... I'm not letting her wear these ones again!

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Jen said...

ouch! poor Beth :( (great perspective here!)