Sunday, January 31

Photo A Day - Day 31 -

Day 31 -

It's been raining all day... it's steamy and humid... and I really wanted a photo of my 2 favourite people in the world for my last photo in the photo-a-day series.... I tried to get some photos of the two of them outside on the grass... but that lasted all of 5 minutes before it started raining... but I managed to capture this cute moment between the two of them just outside the front door... She's giving her Daddy a "dinosaur kiss" ... :)

And here concludes my "photo-a-day" project for Jan 2010... and I have really enjoyed the journey the last 31 days has taken me... but as much as it has been, fun, I'm also really looking forward to having a break now!

But... I'll still be blogging for February... I still have photos to share... the advantage of doing photo-a-day has been that there have been out-takes (you don't seriously think I've taken a single photo to get these shots do you?)... There have been some funny ones, some ridiculous ones, so good-but-not-good-enough ones ... so this next month, I'll share some of these photos with you... stay tuned!

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Ty Phoon said...

lol she never ceases to crack us up! ;)