Tuesday, January 5

Photo A Day - Day 5 - The Crazy Bath Monster

The Crazy Bath Monster

Really needs no other explanation does it?

On a separate note, ever since we got back from Adelaide, we have ditched the night nappy... we only used it more for our piece of mind than for Beth's benefit. So far, so good... I have bought these things called Brolly Sheets though to put on the bed (http://www.brollysheets.com/) which are basically a waterproof sheet cover thing you put over the sheets... they go on top of the sheet, so if there is an accident, you just take that off and replace it with another one (we have 2) without having to make up the whole bed... I think they're a great invention and wanted to share for anybody out there who is night toilet training their child!

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Emily said...

Awesome cheesy smile...she's turning into such a poser. Goodbye natural shots! ;-)