Sunday, January 3

A Photo A Day...

I'm attempting the Photo a Day project again this year... Last year, I fell off the wagon at about day 6, so lets see how much further I can go this year... My sister Em is doing it too so we're supposed to be motivating each other... She is posting on her blog which you can find here - Towards the end of last year, I also got her interested in this photography gig (I'm converting the world, one person at a time... muhahahaha...)... so she bought a Canon 50D and a 70-200mm L series to go with it and mostly captures photos of her puppies and kitties... but she also got the 100mm macro for Christmas too (the same one as me) from her husband (we have such great husbands!), so she's venturing out into macro stuff too... I also think she's better at it than me too! Check out her blog to see her photos... she's also not post-processing either 'cos she doesn't have photoshop, so it's pretty much SOOC, which I think is mega impressive... :)

Anyway, to my photos -

Yesterday effort -

Day 2 - Unmasked

Beth made this frog mask at playgroup at the end of last year some time... she totally loves it, which is really bizarre, 'cos she normally hates having things on her face/head when dressing up... but she really took a liking to it.. so much that she refused to take it off the day we made it and we ended up walking around the shopping centre with her wearing it... I could see lots of people looking at her and thinking she looked very funny! Anyway, I rediscovered this mask yesterday while I was cleaning/tidying some stuff up and Beth loved being reacquainted with it...

And today's effort -

Day 3 - The Retro Kitchen

This is what Phan and I got Beth for Christmas, but she didn't get to see it until we got back from Adelaide... She totally loves it and it was worth the wait! She loves cooking in it and washing her hands in the sink... she loves baking things in the oven (she even tried to bake Jemima today! I couldn't get a decent photo of that though...) And that is why I love the little red tea set from the previous post so much... it matches her kitchen perfectly!

Yeah, I know it's supposed to be *a* photo a day, but I thought these photos told the story so much better as a series... :)

Stay tuned for more photos... :)

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