Monday, January 25

Photo A Day - Day 25 - Watermelon Days

Day 25 - Watermelon Days

Elizabeth is a watermelon fiend... She has always loved it since she was about 12 months old ... and has always managed to eat copious amounts of it (a gene that she has inherited from her Daddy!)... Anyway, there's nothing better than kicking back on a hot summer's afternoon with a great, big slice of juicy watermelon... Also, for those who are photography-inclined... This is the first time I've actually swapped lenses within the same shoot... so most shots taken with the 24-70mm, but the close-up of her eating is taken with the 100mm macro... Just thought I'd try something different... and have discovered using the macro on a wriggly, fast moving child is somewhat of a challenge because of the slower focusing... but we'll get there.. :)

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