Thursday, January 14

Day 14 - Learning To Use Scissors

Day 14 - Learning To Use Scissors

Beth had tried to use scissors a few times at playgroup last year... but never very successfully... But today while we were at Woolworths doing our grocery shop, I came across a perfect sized kid-safe pair of scissors and on a whim decided to buy them... (also a bargain at $2.50!)... We got home, had some lunch and she suddenly "clicked" and got the hang of it and she's been cutting ever since (stopping only for a nap... but then asking where her scissors where the moment she awoke!)... We have created an abundance of "fringed" sheets of paper today! I thought that this was going to be a good thing... but now I'm not so sure!

Also - wanted to share this "behind the scenes" shot of my new reflector in use (Christmas present from my sister - see Em, I'm using it!)... It definitely is making a difference! I'm usually shooting at ISO 6400 inside, but with the reflector, I've been able to bring it down to ISO 3200... Excuse the mess... that's just what the table looks like when it's craft time!

Behind the Scenes...

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