Thursday, January 28

Photo A Day - Day 28 - Too Much Fun At Kindy Daycare

Day 28 - Too Much Fun At Kindy Daycare

Today we had our first ever day at kindy daycare... :) She was quite excited about the prospect of going and was kept telling me "I'm going to kindy... and I take my Little Miss Sunshine bag..." (yes we have a little miss sunshine backpack which she loves!)

She's going to be going 2 days a week and today I stayed with her for the session so that she could get used to the new environment and the carers and get a feel for what kindy is like... I actually only planned for us to stay for the morning and leave after lunch (so from 9:30am-12pm)... but nap time goes from 12pm-2pm and she didn't want to go home (I asked her and she really wanted to stay) and insisted that she wanted to stay and lie down on a bed (they have little mattresses which they bring out for all the kids)... so we stayed for the whole 2 hour nap period (during which she had no intention of napping, she just lay there and looked around the room and at the other kids and then read books to herself for the last 1/2 hour of nap time... I was *VERY* bored for those 2 hours!!!). Then we stayed for afternoon tea that followed the nap and a little bit of extra play. Then I asked her if she wanted to go home and she still didn't want to go! I only managed to convince her to leave by telling her that we would come back again tomorrow... and by that time it was approaching 3pm when we left! So what I planned to be a 2 hour visit with her there, turned into a 5 hour event! I'm glad she liked it so much (although I do wish I'd brought a magazine or something to read!)... planning to stay with her again tomorrow just so she can keep getting used to the idea of it all (and bringing myself some lunch and a magazine in case she decides she wants to stay again for the nap time!)... And then ease her into staying there by herself next week for an hour or so each time until I can leave her there for a whole day. I'm feeling much more at ease about the whole kindy daycare thing now that I've seen it all in action... the carers are lovely, they have a great structured program and the other children are really well behaved and just lovely... so I'm really happy to

Anyway... as a result of the huge amount of excitement and not napping during the day, Beth crashed out on the couch in front of Playschool at about 4pm for about 45 mins... she looked exhausted from her fun day! And yes, I know I've already taken a sleeping photo of her earlier in my photo-a-day journey, but I'm seriously lacking motivation having been deprived of my own afternoon nap... and since this cute sleeping moment arose, I captured it... I love sleeping kid photos anyway... :)

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