Wednesday, January 27

Photo A Day - Day 27 - Perfect.Sweetness

Day 27 - Perfect.Sweetness

I can't believe how more and more grown up she is looking these days... We decided to muck around in her room this afternoon (I have tonnes of out-takes)... She actually loves me taking her photo these days and always asks to "have a look" at the LCD camera screen after I've taken a photo... We've come a fair way from the toddler that constantly avoided looking at the camera! Only problem is I get a fair few silly, crazed photos now... but I genuinely love spending time with her taking photos and asking her to "pose"... and I use that word loosely... it's more like me asking her to do one thing, like lie on her tummy on the bed and then I get her rolling around on her back on the bed in fits of laughter... so silly... so funny...

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