Thursday, May 29

Running for miles in search of birds...

Yesterday afternoon, Beth and I went to the park... she played on the playground for about 20 minutes and then got bored of it and spotted some birds on the oval *way* off in the distance and made it her mission to go and run after then... We seriously walked around for about 15 minutes chasing birds... little ones that flew away... and those big ibis birds that just ran away. Beth thought it was the best fun! To entice her away from the birds ('cos we had walked *far* and we needed to walk back to the car), we engaged in a game of chasey, which had her in fits of hysterical laughter and shrieking... high energy... but lots of fun... Really made me laugh too.

This morning, Sharon and I ran the playgroup session which went well... it wasn't hard with the two of us and we had friends help us out too... We organised pipecleaner tissue paper flowers and paper plate fish for the craft activities and because the playdough was missing, we put out paint for the kids to play with (which attrached Beth like a magnet 3 times!)

Just a quick backtrack on our week - on Monday we went to KindyRoo and Beth is finally used to it and was happy to do most of the things and even went to the "Treasure Bag" to get her red pony (which has never done before because she has been scared). So I think we're making great progress.

Tuesday, morning we did some drawing and craft stuff and then played with raw rice (moving it from one bowl to another with a spoon). And then I had to do a spot of shopping at Chermside and Beth was being a pain and didn't want to shop. We spent 2.5 hours there, 45 minutes of which was spent waiting for her whilst she drove a Wiggles Car, an ABC van and a Humphrey car (at periodic intervals). It was hopeless walking past any of those ride on things, because the moment she saw one, she would want to get in it!

We're having afternoon tea later today with the Sharon and Gina (who just got back from Columbia (after spending 6 weeks there) with her two boys)... so I better go organise something for dinner now...

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