Monday, November 10

Word Explosion...

In child development books, they often write about how kids go through a period of learning words really quickly... a bit of a "word explosion" ... I'm sure Beth is going through one right now... she's picking up a heap of new words and sounds every day and is really starting to make the association between words and objects now... especially when she wants something and she can say the word...

The "word explosion" began on Sunday morning at the unearthly hour of 6am... when Beth decided she'd had enough sleep and wanted company... I tried to pull her into bed with us, but she lasted all of a few minutes, because she hopped off the bed and promptly found the Women's Weekly birthday cakes book . All last week, I tried to show her this birthday cake book in the hope one of the cakes would catch her eye and she would want that for her birthday... but every page was met with a resounding "Nooooo..."... but at 6:30am on Sunday morning, (of all the times!) she decided to look through the book several times and point out things and tell us what they were... all in a *VERY LOUD* voice... She was very proud of her newly acquired vocabulary and obviously, early Sunday morning was the best time of day to share this new skill.

We had Tuyen and his gf come and visit us from Sydney over the weekend... we had a great time... It took Beth a couple of hours to warm to them (the initial half hour was terrible, Beth was doing this hilariously, sad cry... so hard to explain, but if you could have seen the expression on her face!) and after that she was fine. She even honoured them with goodnight kisses last night and tonight before they left! (This is a big deal from Beth, who is very particular about who she shares her kisses with! Although, did I mention she kissed baby Isaac goodbye on Friday? That's huge progress from her not even wanting to be near him!)

We went to Seaworld yesterday (for the second time in 6 months) and Beth enjoyed it a lot more this time.... she didn't wig out at the shows and loooved watching the waterskiiing show (it was her total favourite... she loved pointing at the boats and yelling out "BOOOOOAT" everytime a speedboat went past).

I'm tired... I've had another busy day - I took Beth to swimming this morning, dropped Tuyen and his gf off at the train station so they could check out Southbank, did a load of laundry, grabbed a 5 min nap, baked a dozen cupcakes and decorated them (trial run for the real birthday cake on Sunday), made my famous prawn dumplings (yum! Haven't made them in a while...), got dinner going (chicken wings and rice), ironed shirts for Phan (he's ultra busy at the moment trying to do stuff for his PhD)... and thought about birthday plan's for Beth's birthday on Sunday!

I still need to make a second attempt of capturing somethign for my photography assignment this week and I need to do a heap of things for Beth's birthday, so I'll probably not blog again until after the birthday do!

So till then... stay cool and groovy... I'll be back with some photos soon...

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