Wednesday, November 26

The Prequel to "Boost Juice Makes Me Happy"...

Okay - I took this footage before the video footage in the previous post... I thought it had been lost, because I didn't hit save properly, but I was lucky enough that it did save. So here's Beth... getting "happy" on the boost juice. Oh to answer Bao's question and in case anybody else is wondering - no, Beth doesn't finish one of these large cups of Boost juice... between the two of us, we get through about 3/4 of a cup (well, until we're down the ice slush and can't slurp it up the straw anymore)... Although, if I didn't wrestle the cup off of her to get my fair share of drink, Beth could probably drink most of the cup by herself... she's a Boost juice fiend! :p

I should explain why we were at Chermside today having our Boost juice - I had to take Phan's car in for a wheel alignment and the tyre place is really close to Chermside, so we just walked there and spent an hour and half there while the tyres were being aligned. I managed to run a couple of errands and I got to pick up my eternity ring that Phan had got for our 5 year wedding anniversary. I'll take a photo tomorrow when the light is better, but I love it... it goes perfectly with my engagement and wedding rings. I decided it would be better for us if we stopped and had a drink for afternoon tea instead of browsing the shops and spending money! :p We had a fun afternoon anyway...

Oh... and the reason I had Phan's car was because the airconditioning broke down in my car on Sunday and we had put it in to get fixed on Tuesday ... the air compressor died and they've had to order a part in from Melbourne to repair a pipe... so hopefully it'll be ready tomorrow... it's unfortunately going to be a very expensive repair ... I think having working airconditioning in my car is going to be my Christmas present!

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Anonymous said...

Got your sms, I'd already watched the footage about 5 times by the time I got your message LOL.

She is hilarious! Is she saying "craaazy" in the other footage?!