Wednesday, November 5

For all you stationery freaks out there...

which would just be me and you Donna! :) Because my friend Donna is obviously a bit of a weirdo like me and has a bit of a thing for stationery, I'm posting some pics of the japanese stationery Phan brought back for me so we can oogle and drool together -

Japanese Stationery (present from DH)
The cute little bag it all came in... I actually love the little paper bag (yes, I know, I am really odd).

Japanese Stationery (present from DH)
What was inside the bag.

Japanese Stationery (present from DH)
A close up.

Japanese Stationery (present from DH)
Inside the notepads.

The photos don't really do them justice... they have the most divine, delicate texture... I don't know if I'm ever going to use them... for now I'll just look and touch them... (I'm sure you all thing I'm totally nuts!)


Mousey said...

ooohhh so pretty!!
And yep, I adore the bag! LOL I hope you're keeping it! I think it would lovely on a scrapped notebook or something.

Anonymous said...

You guys aren't alone I love stationary too, although mine is more of an "officeworks" obsession, I love that place could spend hours there!! Very pretty paper chook!

Love Bao