Tuesday, November 4

Daddy's home!

And we are all very happy campers... So good to have him back. We picked up Phan at 8am this morning... he'd been on the overnight flight and was tired, but he came to KindyRoo with us and then after that, while Beth had her nap, he had a nap on the couch too (very rare for him... he's known for being anti-napping!)

Oh, I have to tell a funny story... Phan didn't know what to get Beth as a present while he was in Japan so I told him, no soft toys (I have a soft toy embargo on the house, we have too many!)... and then suggested he could try and find a bento lunchbox for her (you know, the compartmentalised kind they have for sushi)... so he comes home with... wait for it... *5* lunchboxes! My goodness, she's got one for everyday of the week! He cracks me up! He also got her this really cool set of wooden nesting japanese dolls (like the russian babushka dolls, but japanese instead!). He didn't buy himself any electronic toys (like I thought he would) and the only thing I asked for was some Japanese stationary... so I got 3 little notepads of gorgeous Japanese writing paper....

We've had a lovely day together... Phan got to play chasey with Beth in the backyard this afternoon and then they watered the plants together... And then they played basketball... She has really missed him and loves having him around again.


Mousey said...

ooohhh Japanese stationery... I love Japanese stationery... show me a pic so I can drool LOL (yes I'm weird, can't help it!)

Welcome home to Phan! I hope he's ready to get all played out by his little girl :o)

Ty Phoon said...

Good to hear Phan got back safe, although he may have turned into a bit of a Nanna (as in Nanna-Nap ;) And I can't believe he didn't buy any electronic stuff?!? It's like Anh going to a Mimco sale and not buying anything?!?! That would just NOT happen! Phan, you're letting the team down! ;)