Thursday, November 6

A Day In The Life Of Julien The Dog

I found our latest assignment for Evolve really quite challenging... we were supposed to use a willing model... and because I had no willing models (Phan being in Japan and Beth being totally anti-camera!), I cheated and opted to use Julien...
We had to shoot the same subject with different backgrounds... the aim being to see how different backgrounds influence a photo... We were challenged to find different backgrounds in a familiar environment (ie our house)... I was really nervous about shooting this assignment... I found it really difficult... but in the end, I quite enjoyed it... I really had to think and consider the photo compositions, so even though these photos are not spectacularly amazing, the whole thought process was a great learning experience for me... I also tried to incorporate different lighting into the photos to influence the way a photo feels... Although I'm not thrilled with these photos, I'm excited about what I learnt...

A Day In The Life of Julien The Dog

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Anonymous said...

Aw too cute!! I love the photos, Julien (where did you get that name from???) looks like he is enjoying himself :).