Friday, November 7

The Oversized Yellow Polka Dot Hat

The Oversized Polka Dot Hat
I've had a bit of a mad day... I don't know what came over me, but today I did 2 loads of laundry, made a curry for a friend who's just had a baby a week ago (I wanted her to have a little break and not have to worry about making dinner for a night), did our grocery shopping, visited my friend to drop off her dinner and do a mini photoshoot of her little man, cooked our own dinner (pork spareribs... yum!) and then at 5pm, I decided to take Beth out for our own photoshoot to try and do this week's photography assignment (which is to capture sunflare). However, the sun decided to thwart my plans by hiding sporadically behind a cloud and Beth was decidedly uncooperative and insisted on running away from me whilst shouting "Chaaaase! Chaaase!" ... Ever tried taking photos and chasing your child at the same time? It's hard and exhausting work! (It didn't help that it was *really hot* and quite humid, even at that late hour of the afternoon.) I got nothing that even remotely resembled sunflare in the shots I took today (and I had a really bad focus strike rate due to the running child!) ... Towards the end, I gave up and tried to take some random shots without the sunflare in the hope of getting at least one good shot from this shoot...


Anonymous said...

Aw this photo is beautiful and it's in my favourite colour too!



Jen said...

This is a gorgeous photo and an adorable outfit :D