Saturday, November 1

Woo hoo... I made curtains!

Woo hoo... I made curtains...

I made these curtains for Beth's room ('scuse the dodgy photo and the creases... I think I need to iron the curtains a bit!)... There are vertical blinds in her room, but they aren't blockout, so I've been wanting to make her some cute, bright and fun curtains from blockout fabric ever since we moved in... How hard can curtains be to make...? Well, if you know what you're doing, it's really easy... but for me, the ever challenged sew-er... it took a lot of research on the net to figure out what the hell I needed to do. I had an "Ah Ha!" moment of enlightenment a week ago when I discovered that there is this stuff called "Pencil Pleat Tape" which you can buy and and that was what I needed to make the pleats at the top of the curtain and you can use it to attach curtain rings to the curtain and hang them up. Once I figured that out, the rest was easy. These curtains took about 1.5-2 hours to make and cost me a grand total of $40 to make... if I was to buy them ready-made, it was going to cost me $120! I am so proud of my achievement (even if the workmanship is a little dodgy, but seriously, who looks at the details of curtains?!!!... and I love that there is now something handmade by me in her room now... :)


Anonymous said...

they look awesome clara! is there anything you can't do????



Ty Phoon said...

Yep, you're too skilled Clara! ;)