Tuesday, November 25

Playdate with Veronica...

We had a playdate with our friend Veronica today... We went over to her place and had a lovely time... Beth was a little nervous at first (as she always is in unfamiliar places), but she quickly starting getting into all of Veronica's books and toys and everything was fine and dandy. There is a pool at her place too, so we spent a lovely half hour in the afternoon having a play in the water (it wasn't terribly hot, but it wasn't cold either)... Beth had a blast! She actually was happy to be in a swim ring (without an attached rashie top) and swam around and kicked around in total glee! Gave me a nice break from having to hold her and deal with a wiggly squirmy child! I got to relax and float on a noodle and chat to Julie (Veronica's mum)... aaaah... bliss! We're hoping to make this a regular thing in the new year (once I rearrange our swimming classes and KindyRoo classes)... we think the girls could end up being good friends - Veronica is only 1 month older than Beth and they have similar personalities (stubborn!) and habits (they both are addicted to the dummy!)... Veronica is such a little sweetheart... she's like a "little" big sister... if Beth is getting upset or annoyed, Veronica comes and pats Beth's head and says "It's okay." (although, Beth doesn't really like the head patting thing...)... There was one point where the girls were trying to throw and catch a plastic blow up beach ball between each other... Veronica kept throwing the ball and it kept hitting Beth in the head or face and Beth started getting annoyed and didn't want to throw the ball to Veronica anymore... she only wanted to throw it to me or Julie... very funny... my girl is such a precious thing who doesn't like rough play. A true girly girl!

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Anonymous said...

You gotta throw it back at Veronica's face Beth! Show her who's boss =)