Saturday, February 21

Meet Chirpy

Meet Chirpy

Cute isn't she? I'm making more of a foray into the world of handmade toys for Beth... (as if I didn't have enough hobbies and interests already!)... I have always wished I was a better sew-er (I think I'd generously describe my skills at best as being a "basic & minimal"), so I guess the only way to get better is to practise... and so Chirpy was born... :) She's very small (fits in the palm of my hand) and I made her based on a tutorial found at Molly Chicken... I'm pretty pleased for a first attempt... It took me about an hour (including time rummaging through my fabric box looking for some scraps of fabric to use). I learnt some new techniques (french knots for the eyes, using ladder stitch to sew close an opening, sewing on lining), and the workmanship is still dodgy and it didn't help I didn't follow the instructions at the end that said to put the gap at the bottom near the birds legs (I ended up with an opening on the left side of the head... which explains the mis-shapen head)... but all in all, she's cute... and what's better, Beth loves her and likes to hold her and make her fly... :) I might have to put wings on the next one I attempt to make...

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Jen said...

OH, chirpy is so cute :) . I have looked at these softy patterns online and always thought "one day..." but haven't got around to making one yet. Well done :)

(I have also tagged you too :) )