Wednesday, February 18

A Daily Ritual


Journalling Reads -
Oh my, you are little miss independent... You step up to the bathroom basin and think you can brush your teeth all by yourself now... (but I still have to give you a hand to make sure you do a proper job of cleaning your teeth!)

On a separate note, Sheye Rosemeyer created a special Christmas tree in memory of her beautiful Ava during the Christmas season and asked if people wanted to, they could send a little decoration in for the tree. Today she did a post on her blog with lots of photos of just some of the beautiful decorations she received in Ava's memory... (see here) there are just so many beautiful things there. I sent Sheye a little handmade pink felt star, beaded with little pink seed beads (rather dodgily, but with much love and thought)... and you can see it in her post today... it's the 9th row down... the pink star on the right... It's a bit funny, but I feel rather privileged to be able to have given something so small and simple in memory of a very special girl who I have never met, but who has changed my life profoundly. I also made a matching pink star for our Christmas tree, which we proudly hung on our tree at Christmas, so that we could also have a little bit of Ava's memory in our house... I have my own sentimental attachment to that star too... it will always have a special place in my heart...


Anonymous said...

Love love it, she is growing up toooo fast! Looked at Ava's gifts they are beautiful, the kindess of strangers is amazing...



Anonymous said...

In the words of Sheye, absolutely beauty-full