Wednesday, February 4

Swimming Makes You Hungry...

We had a swimming lesson this morning... We were home by 10:15am... and since then this is what Beth has eaten in 2 hours -

A corn thin (this was a tide-me-over snack whilst I was trying to get her into the shower)
1 yellow nectarine
1/2 a ham sandwich
5 crackers with cheese (brie)
1/2 a handful of cheerios (the breakfast cereal)
1/2 a bowl of rice with 3 thin slices of pork chop
A cup of water/juice

Talk about being a hungry, hungry hippo...

On a couple of different notes... today Beth has started telling me to "STOP!" if I'm make her do something she doesn't want to do... (which is too bad for her really, because sometimes you gotta do things you don't want to do... like go home from swimming lessons!). She is also starting to string a couple of words together... Yesterday when were saying goodbye to Veronica, she said "Bye... See you Friday", which completely surprised me.

Since this post stemmed from Beth's swimming lesson, I'll leave you with this photo of Beth in the water on Australia Day @ Settlement Cove

Australia Day @ Settlement Cove

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Anonymous said...

I love this photo! She's in her element. Give her some cuddles and kisses from me and Ty.