Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day

Yes.. it's that mushy, soppy time of year again... We don't really do much for Valentine's anymore... we keep it low key... we're too old middle-aging... :)

Phan did get me these gorgeous potted orchids -

Valentine's Day Flowers

And I did make us a lovely homemade dinner on Friday night (bbq-ed MSA grade steaks) and I got a piece of the best vanilla slice for us to share for dessert... yummy.

This morning, we had Valentine's Pancakes for breakfast -

Valentines Day Breakfast...

And I made Beth mini hearts (note the little hand at the top of the photo... she's diving in the help herself to them... :))

Valentines Day Breakfast...

Beth and I also gave Phan these homemade flowers for Valentine's Day (Beth's contribution are the paddle pop sticks with orange squiggles on them) -

My Husband the Hottie... :) Homemade Flowers

And that second photo would be my husband who is a hottie... :) Tonight Phan went to a friend's wedding, being held at Q1 on the Gold Coast... I would have gone, but we had no babysitter, so Phan had to go by himself. Our friend Koh lent Phan a tux for the black tie event, and it was a perfect fit... I do think tuxes suit him... he looks so dapper... :)

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Anonymous said...

Aw, I love the homemade flowers they look awesome...