Sunday, February 8

More Water Fun

Today we headed out to the lagoon again, taking our friends Krishna, Kalyani & their 7 month old daughter Sanvi (who have recently moved to Brisbane) with us... We had a fab time... spent more than an hour in the water... then came out and had some lunch (that we had brought with us)... Beth loved the water so much she didn't want to get out! We recently bought a shockproof/waterproof Olympus 1050SW so I wouldn't have to worry about the camera getting wet and such... It's waterproof to 3m and is pretty nifty... I'm not crazy about the shutter lag (but, hey that's what you have to live with when you're using a P&S)... but this is a great camera for just chucking around and quickly grabbing snaps... Beth can even use it and drop it and it won't get damaged. Anyway, here's a cool photo Phan took (I'm holding Beth... you can see me in the photo... :)) -

Underwater Fun

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