Tuesday, February 3

Cuddles With Friends...

Cuddles With Friends Apologies for the lack of posts... things have been a bit busy around here... Phan worked over the weekend and now we're well and truly back into the routine of the term... We had our first lesson back at KindyRoo on yesterday... Beth was really looking forward to going back and she even recognised the KindyRoo place whilst we were still in the car and I was trying to get a car park spot... We've moved up to the next class which is the Wallabies class... most things are still the same, but there are some new development techniques now that we are in the older age bracket. This morning we had a playdate with Veronica and her mum... they came over to our place and stayed for a few hours and had a nice amicable play together... it was really nice... In the afternoon we did a bit of crafty stuff and then I made a lasagne for dinner. Tomorrow we have swimming in the morning, Thursday morning we have playgroup and Friday morning we have another playdate with Veronica... so we have a busy week ahead. The weather here has been quite overcast and drizzly of late, but still humid... it does cool down pleasantly in the evenings... I love having the fresh air drift through the house at night... Hope all of you in Adelaide are still surviving the extreme heat... I'm thinking of you all and there's a spare room here if you want to fly up here to get relief from the heat! :)

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I wish I was still in Brissie :(