Monday, March 2

Can You Believe It's March Already?

My goodness... the year is flying by!

Sorry for the hiatus on the blog front this last week... we made a quick flying visit back to Adelaide last Tuesday night and only just got back last night. It was a lovely trip (although too short!) and it was just nice to hang out with family and have everyone see how much Beth is growing up (so quick!)

New blog header for this month... in case you're wondering, the brightly painted background, is actually part of one of Beth's masterpieces of art from playgroup... a combination of using the paintbrush and her fingers... I love it because it's so brightly coloured and the colours are actually distinguishable (normally, with that many colours in use, it ends up looking a poo brown kind of colour).

I'll be back later with a proper update and maybe some photos... I haven't taken many photos recently, but I'm getting inspired again after finding out Sheye has released her Eye Candy Actions, which are just gorgeous and I just can't wait to get (hopefully soon... :))

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