Wednesday, March 11

The Crazy Artist And Other Ramblings...

The Crazy Artist

We've been doing a lot of art and craft lately... Beth loves painting, almost to an obsessive point... this is a photo I took of her on Saturday.

I have to say, I'm really enjoying the developmental stage Beth's has reached at the moment... She's becoming so interactive and sometimes I just have to stop and wonder what is going on in that little head of hers. A few other ramblings from this week -
Cheese soup is still on the menu.... she still continues to mention "Cheese Soup" at random times... I think she wanted it for dinner yesterday because she started saying "Cheese soup" the moment she sat at the dinner table. :)

Beth has been going around saying - "How about... ?" She's picked this up from me, and I didn't realise how often I say the phrase "How about...", as I often say it to distract her from something or when asking her a question or to give me to time to think of something to say to her... eg "What sound does an elephant make? How about a monkey? How about a snake?"... or "How about a sandwhich for lunch? How about we have water instead of juice? How about we have some fruit for afternoon tea?"...

Beth was obsessed with wanting to bake something yesterday ... She kept going to the cupboard and getting the flour container and the sugar bag out... and I had to keep make her put it back... Until one point, she went to the cupboard where I keep the measuring cups and she got out a measuring cup... then got the bag of sugar out of the cupboard, opened up the bag and tried to pour it into the cup! Lucky she didn't get much out... it could have been a disasterous mess! She's such a little mimic-er at the moment.

Today, we were briefly at Chermside and we stopped to look at the puppy dogs in the window... She looked at them for all of 2 seconds before grabbing my hand and pulling me into the store to look at the fish tanks... LOL... she is definitely her Daddy's daughter! She also loved looking and pointing at a budgie that was in the store that kept hopping from side to side on the perch... she thought it was the most amusing bird!

The other adorable thing she does is read books to herself... Most books she will read like this -

"One day... < insert babbble > "... (turn the page>... "One day... < insert more babble > "... (repeat until we get to the last page and then)... "THE END!"

One book she does kind of know how to "read" is "The Hungry Caterpillar" ... on the fruit pages she'll say -

"One apple... CHOMP CHOMP" "Two pears... CHOMP CHOMP" "Three plums... CHOMP CHOMP" (she can't do the strawberries or the oranges though)...

Then she points at the cheese, lollipop and watermelon on the next page and then chomps through the leaf. Then she'll say "Biiiig" (at the picture of the big caterpillar) and then "Cocoon" (at the cocoon) and finish on the last page with "boo-ey futterby" (beautiful butterfly).

Just makes me laugh thinking about it...

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