Monday, March 30

Little Miss Cool

Little Miss Cool
This would be our Little Miss B wearing sunglasses to church on Sunday... she's such a funny little muffin... that and she also for some reason associates going to church with going shopping, so the last few times we've been to church, we've gone shopping to eat lunch out (sushi of course!)... If you ask her "Where are we going?" on a Sunday morning she will answer "To church... *SHOP*!"... it's so funny seeing how excited she gets about shopping!

Other updates... she's also become Little Miss Bossy at the moment... during the day I will here the following (and variations) -

"Mummy SIT!" - I was sternly told this when I got up to get a drink of water whilst we were in the middle of playing shopkeeper and I was tending the cash register!
"Mummy draw" - She always wants me to draw whilst she's drawing
"Mummy paint" - As above.
"Mummy sing!" - Said whilst I was playing some music this afternoon whilst she was playing with some stickers...
"Mummy come" - When she wants me go and play something with her... (she says this often if I am sitting at the computer!)
"Mummy read" - When she wants me to read her a book (or 10!)

Apparently, I am her own personal trained monkey and I am to do whatever she tells me... :)

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Anonymous said...

Headband AND sunglassess - she is too cool for school, BTW I really like your copyright signature on your photos...