Tuesday, March 17

My New (Slightly Insane) Awesome Setup!

My New Awesome Setup!

Uh huh... that's right people... I've hit a new high in geekiness and I'm now running *DUAL* 22 inch monitors side by side... and uh huh... that's Photoshop opened up across the two monitors... Look at all that real estate! Totally loving it... And loving Phan for suggesting it in the first place... :)

Having dual monitors really suits my "style" because I have this terrible habit of having a gazillion windows open at any one time (partly due to my ex-software engineering days, partly because I do a lot of photoshop & digiscrapping)... so now I have all this space to help manage my multiple windows...

Mmm.. it looks totally insane, but it is so very practical... :)

Okay, while I'm here, I'll share a photo of our little Miss B, totally crashed out yesterday afternoon... I was trying to wake her and even the camera shutter and speedlite going off didn't stir this little princess...

Crashed Out Princess


Ty Phoon said...

Totally AWESOME Clara!

Bao still doesn't get it ;) hehe

Anonymous said...

Oooohh!!! Very jealous!! Nice setup, know you'll make the most of it!!