Sunday, March 22

Pretty Things & Yummy Treats

We have bought and made some things to decorate Beth's bedroom -

The Sweet Teapot Quilt
Here's a close up of the detail on the teapot quilt cover that we got last weekend... It's so sweet and adorable

The Cute Coverlet Then I fell in love with this quilted coverlet in Myer... I had a voucher from the credit card, so I ended up spending the voucher on this... Add to the fact, that Myer was having a one day 40% off Hiccups branded linen and accessories and I really scored a bargain... well... can you still call it a bargain if you technically didn't spend any money on it? :p

The Plush Toadstool

I also had my eye on the plush toadstool cushion all week (I'd seen them in an online store), and I was so excited to find it in Myer... *and* it was also 40% off... how could I resist?

The "Tickly Octopus" - pp2

I made this decorative hanging thing for Beth's room... it's a basically a whole bunch of ribbon, fabric and tulle tied onto a wooden circle and then hung from the ceiling... I don't know what to call it, but Beth calls it her "Tickly Octopus"...

Portugese Custard Tarts

Beth and I made these portugese custard tarts for dessert one night this week... we followed this recipe and omg... they were so yummy and more-ish... Well, Phan and I thought so... Beth, didn't really like them... but she loved helping to make them!

Kid Friendly Sushi

I also made sushi for Beth for lunch yesterday... She's a sushi fiend at the best of times... so I thought I'd treat her and make a homemade version with some left over rice and chicken we had from dinner on Friday. Basically, I mixed a couple of teaspoons of sushi vinegar with warm normal rice (the left over rice)... put some nori (roasted seaweed) down on a sushi mat, spread with the rice, cut the chicken into some batons (the left over chicken had a coriander & spring onion flavour) and place on the rice, sprinkle with some lightly toasted sesame seeds (takes 2 minutes in a non-stick pan), add a couple of batons of cucmber, roll up the sushi roll and serve. I cut them into thin little rounds so that Beth could pick them up and eat them easily... perfect healthy finger food lunch for her!

As a side note, I have now also upgraded to Photoshop CS4 (Thank you Phan for being a student! :))... Woo hoo! Loving the improvements so far... and combined with the dual monitors, my workflow is so much easier to deal with now! :)

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