Thursday, March 12

The Curious Artist

The Curious Artist...

Just another shot from the day of painting last weekend... This one processed with Eye Candy actions again... Sheye even left a lovely comment about it on my Flickr stream which has totally made my day (if you click on the photo, it will take you to my Flickr stream and you can see her comment)... I just adore Sheye's work, so to get a comment from her totally rocks my world (yes... I know... I'm a bit sad huh?)

This morning, we went to an indoor playground at Chermside with some playgroup friends. It's like a giant inflatable jumpy castle with a huge slide and whole bunch of soft blocks and shapes and stuff that you can jump on. I thought Beth might take a little while to warm up to the idea, but within 2 minutes, she was in there jumping up and down and having a total blast and then figuring out how to get to the slide and sliding down it. We had 2 incidents where something happened that result in Beth being upset and crying (loudly!)... I think the first incident someone had slid into her accidentally from the slide, the second incident, I think someone jumped into her and bumped heads... but she seriously had so much fun, the little accidents were not that big a deal... She was in jumping heaven for the most part (which I'm hoping will curb the jumping on the bed business, rather than encourage it!). Our friend Skylar & Veronica were both there... and Beth had a great time jumping in the castle thing with Veronica and then laughing and playing with Skylar as they built some cave like structure out of foam blocks and knocked it over repeatedly. Beth used up a heap of energy, because she had a sweaty head within 30 minutes... we stayed about 1.5 hours... Could probably have stayed a little longer, but I could see Beth starting to get really tired and we needed to get some lunch and do some grocery shopping before heading home.

Anyway... I'm off to have some lunch and a rest...

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