Sunday, August 3

The sounds of a menagerie...

I've been teaching Beth animal noises... I ask her "What noise does a [insert animal here] make?" and she will make the appropriate sound. Last night we went to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant (we are regulars there now - the staff know us and the waitresses always oogle over Beth) and while I was paying, I got her to make animal noises for the waitresses... they thought she was sooo cute! :)

Today, I taught Beth a couple of new animal noises... so now the animal repetoire extends to -

- lion
- snake
- doggie
- elephant (this is so totally cute when she makes an elephant noise!)
- cat
- cow (sort of... it sounds like a cross between a cow and a cat!)
- pig

We're still both sick... don't feel like we're getting any better, but we're not getting any worse... We're just trying to shake these damn colds... hopefully we won't catch any new bugs at KindyRoo tomorrow!

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