Monday, August 25

Brrrrm... Brrrrrm....

Phan is happy... I am happy... We are all happy. Phan has finally bought himself a car! I have been listening to him moan about not owning a car for the majority of this year... and then listening to him randomly ask "Could you see me driving a XXX?" Where "XXX" ranges from anything to a scooter, through a RX8, mini cooper, Mazda 6 MPS to a BMW! He needs the car since he'll be driving to work once we move into our new place. We only went and checked out the car yesterday, but it was a perfect fit for us and a great price, so we went for it. We just went and picked it up tonight and Phan hooned home in it (I was following him in my car, so I know!) So Phan's new baby is a white Subaru Liberty GT MY05. It's a nice family car, combined with the *power* that Phan "needs", but with a touch of luxury (leather seats, sunroof). I'm just happy I don't have to keep listening to Phan go on and on about cars anymore!

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