Saturday, August 30

Reality Check - I sooo don't feel ready for this...

This morning Beth and I went to an open day at a kindergarten. One of the mum's at my playgroup told me about it and invited me to come along and just see what it was all about. I'm really glad we went... We bumped into lots of mums and kids from our playgroup there and there were heaps of activites for this kids - painting, drawing, dressing up... playing the sandpit and the playground. It was great to see the setup of the kindy and to find out about what they do and the format. Beth was nervous about playiing by herself, but did have some fun in the sandpit and had a ball sitting in a tyre swing for ages and I got the chance to chat to some mums I hadn't met before... And while we were there, I put Beth's name down on the waiting list to go to 3.5-4.5 year old kindy/prep.

Now, I had been planning to start putting Beth's name down on some waiting lists once we'd moved and settled into our new place and come back from our visit home to Adelaide, but since I was already there and they were taking down names, I just did it. And this is going to sound weird, but I felt like my heart kind of sighed whilst I was doing it... like I couldn't believe that I'm having to think about Beth's education already... that I'm putting her name down to go to a kindy... it just seemed so surreal and I just don't feel ready for this... she's not even 2 yet! Where has my baby gone?


Anonymous said...

Aw Clara our little princess is growing up so quickly... it's exciting but sad at the same time, soon she'll be asking you permission to go to parties!



Maria said...

Hey Clara,

I felt the same way when I bought my first box of baby rice cereal! It is truly amazing watching them grow, but such a reality check when they take the next step.

On Dimitri's first day at kindy I had tears as I walked to the gate back to the car. He happily sat on the mat and was happy to let me go. I'm not sure I was so ready. My baby starts school next year. Time has flown too quickly!

I have been slack on the blogger front. Many congratulations to Phan for his amazing achievements! Life takes these turns, but often for the better and are opportunities for growth. I can imagine the hardest bit is being away from family. But it is great the way you all keep in touch and keep up the visits.

Thanks for all the wonderful updates. They always brighten my day!

Kisses to sweet Beth!