Sunday, June 5

Scrapbooking Sunday

Well, it's been a while since I've done a Scrapbooking Sunday and a few things have been going on...

Firstly, Owl Tree Studio has ended up closing up due to personal reasons... however, on the upside, I'm now CTing for Shirley from Wild Blueberry Inkwho I discovered while I was CTing there. I love Wild Blueberry Ink's designs and am so happy to be on her team! Her shop is over at mscraps, so you should pop over and check it out!

Her latest kit Deja Vu is out right now and is 20% off at the moment.


A here's a page I've done with another recent kit of hers Forecast... the doodles are really cool in this and I love this wordart!

Danced In The Rain

Also I did this simple plage with the cool "Sisters" frame... from Family Photos ... I love it... :) (Also uses the Hope kit papers and brushes)

Life Is Better With A Sister

(Also Catherine's birthday pages in a previous post feature cluster frames from Wild Blueberry Ink too)

Over at Donna Duncombe Designs her latest kit is My Mother's Arms... a cutesy kit in fun girly colours -


And lastly Fei Fei's Stuff has some awesome brand new doodles out - Lots of Love... they are so cute and whimsical... a perfect compliment to these photos.

Red Spotty Gumboots

Thanks for reading along... I'll try and do some more regular updates again!

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