Saturday, June 25

13 months...

13 months...

Sometime last week, Catherine turned 13 months... It feels like I've only just blinked since her birthday party.

She can take up to 10 steps at a time now... and is just starting to get herself into a standing position by herself without using me/Elizabeth/the couch/a chair/laundry basket for leverage.

She loves bopping and clapping her hands to music. Particularly to the music on the iphone game Chuzzle.

She eats what we're eating for dinner... rice and stir fry, chicken casserole, fried rice, roast with mashed potato and veggies... It's great. The only thing she's not been in love with is spagetti bolognaise. She is still quite the food beggar... even if you're eating the exact same thing she just had for dinner, she still comes over and looks at you until you give her some of your food. I've also discovered she realy likes turkey, home made mini-quiches and (courtesy of Daddy) chocolate cream biscuits... We're down to 1-2 breastfeeds a day... 1 morning and 1 afternoon. Slowly trying to get rid of that afternoon feed...

She tries to hold conversations with us all the time... the noises she comes up with are hilarious. She really likes to yell when she's on the change table or when she's really not happy.

Bathtime is hilarious... She's discovered how to splash.. *exuberantly*! She gets egged on by seeing Elizabeth splash her back... The bathroom floor is often just a huge puddle of water. I have some video footage I have to find and post up...

She had her first haircut, which made me really sad right before I had it done... I have this weird emotional attachment to baby hair. But she just had the back trimmed to get rid of the lopsided mullet she had going on... and just a little bit off the sides... to be honest it doesn't look that much different and it's still as fluffy and fly-away as before!

She loves going on the slide ... I hold her the whole time, but the whole sliding sensation has her smiling and itching for more... we take it in turns with Elizabeth and if I stop letting her go on the slide because I'm tired and she sees Elizabeth go down, she makes a lot of noise to let me know she wants another turn.

Three of her top teeth are coming through, slowly but surely... and she's getting quite adept at biting things (including me!)...

She's scared of this cute bear that appears on little ad breaks on ABC Kids 2... she really freaks out... Elizabeth got clued up about this and started purposely rewinding the TV shows to make the bear appear to freak her out on purpose... A bit funny and a lot cheeky... we quickly put a stop to that though!!!

She is a huge scaredy cat of all things that move of their own accord (this includes toys that move and animals!), dislikes the vacuum cleaner and she's a real mummy's girl at the moment... Separation anxiety has well and truly set in for her... Although, she is a lot better than Elizabeth at the same age and does happily hang out with Daddy by herself... She's not keen on strangers looking at her either... (much like her sister).

She doesn't seem to need a lot of sleep... she has 2 x 40 minute naps a day... sometime between 9am-10am (depending on if it's a kindy day) and another at around 1pm-2pm. She goes to bed at 6:30pm... wakes up every couple of hours and is generally quick to resettle (and sometimes self settles)... Sometimes she has a crazy awake period or restless period for a couple of hours from 1am-3am... that happens variably and those nights suck! She has a morning breastfeed around 4am-5am and most of the time has really restless sleep until 6:30am-7am... and occasionally she starts the day at 6am. Really, it's mad how little sleep she needs!

One the whole, she's a happy little cherub... and she makes me laugh countless times a day... Love her to pieces... xo

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