Friday, June 24

Questing For Light

I am addicted to the light. There. I said it. I start feeling a little down and empty when we have a few overcast days in a row (which luckily hasn't happened all that often yet) and I get this yearning to see those golden rays of sunshine fall upon us... to feel that inspiration fill me as I see that glow. I know I'm obsessed, because I spend good parts of my week planning how we can get outdoors when the light is beautiful...

It involves organising outfits and prepping/cooking dinner ahead, because the best light happens to coincide with when I'm normally feeding small children/cooking dinner and when we get back from our mini photoshoots, the last thing I want to do is cook and the girls are usually hungry and want to eat as soon as we walk back in the door...

I've been going for walks a few times a week, looking for good locations and trying to predict what the light will look like during the optimal afternoon hours... What is weird is that I never went to this much effort when I only had Elizabeth to contend with, but I'm in a bit of a motivated "zone" at the moment... and as a result I'm quite happy to get both Elizabeth and Catherine dressed up and then bundle them up to go searching for the beautiful light... I think I need some kind of group therapy... we could call it "Lights On Anonymous"... :p

I've really got to stop questing for light and start editing and blogging my images... I've got quite a few shoots which while I've shared a select few images on facebook, there are just so many, many more and I need to share them somewhere....

So to kickstart it all, I'm going to work backwards and share some images from today... I have to mention that's Elizabeth's gorgeous dress is from Lillipops Designs - you can find her store here - and also find her on etsy here - The clothes are made to order, and I placed this order way back in April sometime and I've been eagerly awaiting it's arrival... It's been so worth the wait.. so very well made and exceptionally designed... And a perfect fit for Elizabeth, who fell in love with it the moment she saw it and exclaimed "Is it for me? It's sooooo beautiful! Can I wear it to the hairdresser tomorrow?"... And wear it to the hairdresser she did. I have plans for Elizabeth to wear this dress on a beach shoot during the summer when we move back to Adelaide... but seeing how much she loved the dress (she think it's Cinderella like!), I just couldn't resist going out on a photoshoot today and having a test run.. :)

Here are just some of today's light inspired images (there are more... but this will do for now).

The Dress
Really, it's so perfect and these photos just say it all.

Love This Dress

Silliness and Beauty
You wouldn't believe what I had to go through to get Elizabeth to hold these flowers... Apparently they were "stinky"... She complained about them while we were leaving the house and and insisted on walking as far away from them as possible... In the end I bribed her with the promise of making buttermilk pancakes for breakfast tomorrow... and even then she spent most of the time trying to hold them as far away from her as possible... I'm just glad I got some photos...

Silliness and Beauty

Sisters Together
Catherine is taking more and more steps everyday... She's only just starting to get into a standing position on her own without holding onto anything this afternoon. But she really likes holding Elizabeth's hand and trying to go for a little totter about.

Sisters Together

This last photo was taken when the afternoon light had faded... the girls were playing ring-a-ring-a-rosie... This photo is quite typical of how they interact and just shows how much they love and adore each other... It makes my mummy heart ache with happiness to see them like this.



Sharon said...

These are just precious, wonderful shots! The light is beautiful, the girls are adorable, and the moments are perfectly captured. Well done!

Jaime Hough said...

What yummy light, and beautiful little girls! =) You've captured something so incredibly beautiful ... moments like these are dear to my heart! =)