Wednesday, January 30

She's walking!

This morning, I have been encouraging Beth to take more steps and she can now traverse the length of the rug (up to 8 steps) all by herself... :) I classify this as walking... :) Although, I have to be holding something she wants for her to walk to me.

Right now, it is pouring with rain and Beth is sitting by the sliding door, watching and listening to the rain fall and she is shrieking along... as if she is singing along with the rain... It's hilarious! Now she's clapping her hands... I think she likes the rain.

On a different note... Beth is a fruit fiend... over the long weekend (3 days), between her daddy and herself, they devoured 1/4 of a watermelon, 500g of seedless grapes, 200g of cherries and a couple of gold kiwi fruit... it's crazy! I'm having to get out to the grocery store every 3 days just to buy more fruit!

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